Long before we heard of COVID-19, every Fall, a wise Rotarian drops his Fun Fines into the bucket so he could stand up and explain to us the importance of washing our hands - CORRECTLY.  Now more than ever, we open our eyes to the need around the world of clean water and soap.  Something we take for granted.  Please consider helping the Arvada Sunrise Rotary accomplish this District Grant to make Tippy Taps available to over 1000 students at schools in the coastal highland of Guatemala. Studies show that daily use of Tippy Taps combined with WASH training reduces influenza and diarrhea by 47%.  Diarrhea is the major cause of malnutrition and the highest cause of death in children under 10 yrs.  74% of Mayan children have chronic malnutrition. 
COVID -19 makes handwashing more urgent than ever.
  With the 'Magic' of Rotary Grants, the first $1000 will get TRIPLED!  
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Payable to Arvada Sunrise Rotary / PO Box 740144  Arvada, CO  80005
Feel Free to contact Heidi Wolle if you have any questions - heidiwolle@yahoo.com