Center for Advance Care Planning
Dec 11, 2018 7:00 AM
Fran Myers
Center for Advance Care Planning

As a clinical dietitian Fran spent many, many years working in hospitals and nursing homes. She managed tube feedings for adult residents who had never had a voice. These individuals taught her many valuable lessons about quality of life, family dynamics, the role of religion, state laws, and so much more.

Working in hospice came next and opened Fran’s eyes to realism, to futile treatments, to the beauty of good quality of life and being at peace with what’s to come.

Fran continued her journey in Advance Care Planning when she became the Manager of Faith Initiatives for The Conversation Project in Boulder. In this position she encountered people who had persistent fears about end-of-life. Through Fran’s presentations the audience gains knowledge about advance care planning. This helps them feel more secure in facing end-of-life issues.